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It was an “Aha!” moment, the first time I saw a synthetic turf golf green.  I was living in Las Vegas as a 20 year old working for a golf tournament organization company.  A golf course where I was working had a teaching area with fake turf for a golf green and fringe, and it was beautiful.  Within a month my friend Shaun and I were back home in BC building one for my parents in their side yard in exchange for room and board.  We built them a golf green that would bring years of fun memories to our home, and that’s how my first company Precision Greens was born. 

Working other jobs that would supplement our income, we were able to build 4 greens the following year and 14 greens the year after that.  When we hit the 30 project total the following year, we were in heaven and could afford to work solely at building greens.  It was so much fun – designing and building every project with our own two hands.

Slowly, what was a golf green only company began to turn into a synthetic grass company, meaning we installed fake lawns as well as golf greens.  The lawn side of things really took off, becoming 80% of our installations.  As our company grew, golf greens continued to occupy my interest more than anything.  I had the privilege to work with Vancouver’s preeminent landscape architects, designers, and developers. I worked with passionate homeowners, celebrities, iconic sports personalities all the way through to Canada’s best golf course architects.

The following is a look at some memorable installations. Notice the progression as time goes on…

My first golf green in 2001 (below). My knowledge of green speed and slope were limited as my Dad putts one off the green. It took all summer to make because we built the brick border ourselves. Scanned from Mom’s printed 6×4 photo – thanks Mom!

It wasn’t long before realizing fringe and rough, made with contrasting heights and complementing colours, makes for a perfect finish. Finding a way to create the perfect radius was also a huge breakthrough.

Earning a reputation for quality work awarded us installations in several Senior Living complexes in BC – a perfect low-impact activity.

My first real “Dream Project” was at TAKaya Golf Centre in North Vancouver in 2008. Two 3500 square foot golf greens (two different technologies – one for holding shots and the other for putting true). Also built an 18 hole minigolf. Hearing the laughter that was coming from the minigolf after it opened is what it’s all about. Thank you to Ernie George for putting your trust in us!

My second great “Dream Project” was in 2009 at a private residence, and one of Canada’s most incredible gardens, in Mission, B.C. Designing and building this 9 hole par 3 course brought me to life and inspired me the whole way through. To this day the course looks and plays wonderfully.

It was a joy to design Islandview Golf Centres World-Class Putting Course.

Eaglequest Coquitlam needed a team to resurface their putting course so we decided to take it on.

2010 to 2018 went by so fast with hundreds of golf projects to keep me busy and feeling creative.

Condominium rooftop golf amenities weren’t uncommon

There were very few “grass only” jobs that I truly admired but, being a part of some of the most impressive residential landscapes in the Country made me appreciate my job. This Paul Sangha design is inspirational.

Below is one of a few residential putting courses that I designed and built. A little 6 hole beauty

I started to become more confident. There was an art to everything I was doing and I started to feel more and more like the person qualified to bring these projects to life.

(Below) Common space golf amenities were becoming more accepted and became a draw for the sale of condos in Vancouver.

I did a few full landscape designs along the way that I can be proud of.

I helped design and bring this golf project to life for Ron Rule Landscape Architects.  A project in the beautiful equestrian community of Southlands in Vancouver.

This Client’s inspiration was the Par 3 -12th hole at Augusta. Ray’s Creek in the foreground with pine trees and azaleas growing on the slope behind the green.

One of many Rob Spytz designed landscapes – this one in stunning Deep Cove.

Ocean front paradise. A new employee from Ontario almost lost his mind when a seal came up for a rest on the sea wall.

An incredible 3500 square foot golf green designed by famed Canadian Golf Course Architect Doug Carrick. Walking the property with Mr. Carrick and discussing the project was one of my greatest learning opportunities.

6 tee boxes were placed around the property from 45-105 yards in distance.


It was a dream location and ,at the time, was the largest golf green I had built to date.

I had built a few professional tee lines along the way

The iconic Red Barn and golf out in the Country

Construction of my first ever hand-built sod wall bunker – possibly the happiest I have ever been working! See Sod Wall Blog for more pictures and details. Same Red Barn site

A big one out in Chilliwack for Algra Bros. Construction and another Rob Spytz Landscape.

A breakthrough project at Sam Walker Park in North Vancouver, BC. Dave Turner, retired Parks Manager designs a golf green for public use. Hopefully this is the first of many “Golf Parks” to come. See Advocating for Golf in Parks, Golfs many Municipal Benefits, and Sam Walker Park – a breakthrough in golf for more on how we can bring golf to everyone!


Dave Turner, Green Designer and Park Section Manager with North Vancouver Mayor, at the time, Darrell Mussatto


This 3000 square foot golf green was inspirational. Nothing less than a World-Class landscape to be apart of.


A 6000 square foot masterpiece with tee boxes all over the property. Inspiration for synthetic “Short Courses” in otherwise hard to grow areas.


Working with professional machine operators – what a difference! Thanks to Mike at MJM.

A 5000 square foot golf green overlooking the beautiful Fraser Valley in Abbotsford. Fire season unfortunately or you would see Mt Baker hanging out in the background.

Below is an 18 hole minigolf/putting course that I designed and built in Lac La Ronge, Saskatchewan. It was great to go back to the Province I was born and do something special. Lac La Ronge Indian Band will be finishing the course off with art displays and features representing their rich culture and heritage.


These massive boulders were originally sitting just off site. I was dying to have something to work around so the Band had them moved into place for me.


It took me a while to finally get the routing down into one that I felt had an “energy and flow” to it. Flat project areas with no real obstacles are likely the most challenging terrain to be creative on.


In the Boreal Rainforest


My Crew. Three of the greatest men I have ever met. Left is me, Roland Ionson, Mike Knutson and his son Scotty.

My own backyard was my little “retirement project” after selling my half of Precision Greens to my old business partner. No crew but plenty of time. It made me relive and appreciate the attention to detail required for a perfect installation – it took everything I had to produce this project, but I am very proud of it. And my daughters are happy about their new “dance stage”. I am particularly proud of the memorial bench for my parents, without whom, my life of building golf greens would have never been possible – Thank You Mom and Dad.


Waiting for gardens to grow and spill over onto the golf green.


R+D on Synthetic Turf Sod Wall Bunker!


Sweet Night Golf Vibes!


Original Sketch Design


Working Design

I learned a lot in those 18 years. I kept learning through the last project I completed and will continue to learn moving forward. Since selling Precision Greens I have spent much time doing research and development projects such as the synthetic turf sod wall bunker on my personal golf green. I have experimented building a Tee Line for a local driving range and have researched proper maintenance protocols on a project that is 13 years old – a 9 hole Par 3 course in Mission called Shiloh Hill (mentioned above).

Most of my reading is in the field of Golf Course Design. There are principles I have adopted in my learning, even since completing my own project in 2020. Now I look forward to using my knowledge and creativity to bring new and unique Golf Projects to Canada and the World. I feel like it is just the beginning.

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  1. You will not find anyone who is more passionate, creative and thorough at creating an amazing experience for golfers and communities. Scott McCartney is simply the best in the business. Looking forward to what’s to come!

      1. Your projects are amazing! So creative and magical. As is your writing. I’ve never heard anyone talk about golf with so much passion. I can’t wait to see what you work on next!

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