Scott has created many miniature golfs and putting courses in Western Canada but now offers a concept that could not only revolutionize the game of golf but also create a world-class amenity like nothing that has been seen before.
The Putting Course is a spectacular way to experience an extraordinary game. It takes all the elements of a championship golf course and scales it down in size so that it is played solely with a putter and a ball. From the tee box through to the hole, the golfer will putt the ball along rolling contours, through dog-leg par 4’s, short par 3’s, and challenging par 5’s. Risk, reward, and strategy are paramount to getting through the course in as few strokes as possible.
The golfer may see a simple layout that complements a long-standing landscape, or they may experience mature gardens between each hole, with layers of plants, shrubs, and feature trees. They may even encounter water features, garden gates, and urban art displays to present an attractive experience that is more than just golf.

A Putting Course is an art form in and of itself.  The way it moves through its environment with the proper mix of  elevations, hole length, difficulty and site characteristics can create a flow that allows the golfer to immerse themselves in the experience while being rewarded for heightened focus. 


Check out my blog on the two styles of putting courses that exist today.  There will one day be a third style, and it is dying to be discovered.


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