Golf Course Reviews

A look into some great courses, fun courses, beautiful courses, unique courses and any other kind of course that works to make this game so special.

Bowen Island Golf Club

9 HOLES OF GOLF HEAVEN We ferried into Snug Cove on Bowen Island, and it felt like something out of a storybook.  A perfect little harbour, marina and shops, with treed mountains tumbling down on three sides.  The Village near the harbour had infinite character and it was noticeably clean and well kept.  The feeling […]

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Meridian Par 3

A WALK THROUGH PARADISE You have heard about the allure of walking the fairways at Augusta National or the feeling you get while driving down Magnolia Lane – that special sense of being somewhere that nature is holding you in her arms – Meridian Par 3 delivers that feeling every time you walk it.  Meridian

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Golf in the Park

How North Vancouver set the precedence for fitting golf into their community at Sam Walker Park One resident had the idea to bring golf to this small park in North Vancouver.  It was a space in the park that was seldom used because of the slope of the hill and the shade that it gets. 

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Top Golf

GOLF DIFFERENTLY As usual I’m late to the game as I attempt to write about Top Golf several years after it has hit the mainstream.  I just happened to be in Ohio, doing my Ohio thing, and from my hotel parking lot I saw poles and nets that shot up high into the night sky,

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