Who We Are?

Our Mission

To be true to the idea we share for vibrant, connected communities brought together through unique golfing experiences.


First Principles

Scott McCartney

I’m not an exciting man but I do love golf, life, my family, friends and everything else mostly.

I fell in love with golf when I was young and pieced the game together through years of begging my parents to get me to a driving range or par 3 course.  Through years of trying I played high school golf, went to golf college, was a competitive amateur player, taught golf on a cruise ship and then had an aha! moment 20 years ago that had me create a company designing and building synthetic turf golf greens.  20 years later I have narrowed my focus in on large-scale golf project design and builds.  

My highest passion is creating golf projects that are second to none.  I look to use my experience and my passion for golf to create nothing less than the worlds finest golf green complexes, putting courses and golf parks!

Key Accomplishments

My career to date has had one common thread, and that is golf.  Here are some of my key accomplishments relevant to all things golf design: