Meridian Par 3


You have heard about the allure of walking the fairways at Augusta National or the feeling you get while driving down Magnolia Lane – that special sense of being somewhere that nature is holding you in her arms – Meridian Par 3 delivers that feeling every time you walk it.  Meridian for me holds great memories, is an expression of fun in nature and is one of the most beautiful properties I have ever seen.

The characteristics of the land are as good as anything I have seen in golf.

My long-standing love affair with Meridian began when I moved to White Rock from Moose Jaw when I was 10 years old.  It was the closest golf course to me, and the only one that fit our budget at the time.  The 125-yard first hole (original and best layout in my opinion) was viewed from an elevated tee, played over a meandering creek to a simple green with a tall hill in the background, decorated with towering cedar trees (the site of the 17th green now).  It was entirely spectacular.  When I was first starting to play here it took a full unleashed 5-wood for me to get home on that puppy, and did it feel great the first time I cleared the creek!  For a time, that is all the first shot was for me, the opportunity to get over the creek in one shot.  As time passed, the shot evolved into a perfect, full pitching wedge.  I played most of my golf here when I was young, trying to get better with every round. 

What I see in Meridian, and the way it has always been, is a fun and safe place for people to go play in nature.  It is a true course for everyone.  Beginners, Seniors, Juniors, Professional Golfers – everyone.  You can play in your flip flops, you can bring some music and you can relax and enjoy yourself, or you can lock-in and try and shoot your best score.  The experience is great whatever your mindset might be.

At Meridian you don’t mind waiting for the green to clear. What’s the rush really…

Like all great golf courses, the play of golf is secondary to the beauty of your surroundings, and that is Meridians strongest feature. Towering trees, rolling hills and a picturesque, meandering creek embrace you while thick forest surrounds the property.  You are held in its beauty. Occasionally, when the evening hits and the light is right, I get a sense of perfection, like life can’t get any better.  A few times now, the moon has been hanging in the blue sky as a warm summer evening approaches and, seeing it, I feel as though I’m in space or on another planet, or even golfing in the heavens.  This land is special in a way that this blog post doesn’t describe – It tells a story and creates a feeling of love and welcomeness.  It is a true gift to our community, and I hope it stays here for a thousand years.

Simple. Perfection.

I have three specific, very fond memories of playing here. Long ago, when I was 12, I won the Meridian Junior Championship and still have my name on an old well ignored plaque somewhere in the clubhouse.  Meridian was also home to the best shot I ever hit. What is now the 4th hole – uphill to a plateau green that drops off hard on the right and is protected front left by an imposing 150 year old maple tree.  I hit a hard 8 iron that cut about one yard left to right and came down right online.  You couldn’t see the cup from the tee, but I heard the faintest “tick” after the ball came down and I had a feeling I dunked it. When I walked up there was a ball mark 2″ in front of the cup but no ball in sight! It was an Ace!  Another great memory was always buying a coke either at the turn or after the round.  A simple memory of being a boy and drinking a Coke.

I recommend you grab three of your very best friends and go spend a few hours here.  Find my plaque, hit some shots, have a Coke, and avoid hitting your ball in the creek but don’t avoid admiring its beauty.

P.S. Thank you to Cindy and her family for putting so many years of love and attention into the course.  Your dedication to the course and community will forever be appreciated.  As Ownership changes hands now, I wish the new people every success and I for one will continue to support you as best as I can.

Cindy on crowd control during Covid golf boom. “No fivesomes!!”

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