advisory group

The people described below have had an immense influence in the direction of my life both as a business owner and a person.  They are friends first and advisors second.  I am lucky to be able to lean on these people to help me reach my potential in the world of golf project design and build.

Dave Turner

Dave Turner was the idea man behind The Golf Park. In 2016 he spearheaded the first public, municipal golf green at Sam Walker Park in North Vancouver.  He has a passion to bring the game of golf to those who wouldn’t easily get the chance to play – especially kids.

He played professional golf, is a certified landscape architect, is a retired parks manager, and holds multiple awards for his lifelong contribution to the incredible Trans Canada Trail. 

Dave is currently involved in The Great Blue Heron Way – a trail that reconnects First Nations Communities around the Salish Sea and along the Fraser River on new and existing pathways.  He still has a passion for golf course design and can still shoot even par when the pressure is on. Beyond all this, he is about the kindest man you could hope to enjoy the company of.

For a long list of Dave’s key accomplishments, including what he has been recognized for on the Trans Canada Trail, please click the button below.

David Alan Davies

David is a great friend who helped bring to the surface Scott’s passion for large scale golf projects.  His experience in master planning large scale communities, urban developments and hundreds of other unique landscape projects is a resource that The Golf Park Company relies on dearly.

Born the son of an architect, Dave’s life has been dominated by the influence of design, nature, and culture. He is a professional landscape architect whose focus is outside; shaping environments that bring enjoyment, scale, and comfort to people who seek the essence of the natural beauty of our great outdoors.

Having lived, studied, and worked all over the world, he has an extensive memory of countless cultural and design influences. He aspires to understand the physical and cultural influences exerted by any context and translate these into strong and meaningful design solutions.

Please take a look at David’s website to see a sampling of his incredible work.