Who We Are?


The Golf Park Company sees value in establishing a set of First Principles that will guide us and keep us true to the idea we share for vibrant, connected communities brought together through unique golfing experiences.

Be Creative

We strive to use out-of-the-box thinking to bring fun and attractive golf projects to life. It is our desire to strategically bring together unique perspectives in golf, landscape and park design to give the golfer a special experience.

Utilize our understanding of golf and its history

Golf history has shaped both the game and the people who make up The Golf Park Company. It is our goal to offer up tasteful ways for the player to better understand where golf came from and how it has developed over the years. 

By honouring golf’s past, we can better look at ways to shape its future.

Ensure the least carbon footprint

With each project we create, we are looking for ways to better serve our natural environment. One distinct advantage to synthetic turf surfaces is that they do not require irrigation or chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. For this reason, The Golf Park Company encourages this surface in both high traffic areas and hard-to-grow-climates.

Utilize the latest and greatest technologies

The Golf Park Company has the experience to recognize product technologies that will have a positive effect on the look and playability of the surfaces. We do not have ties to any one manufacturer, distributor, or installer so are free to choose the right product for the most appropriate application.

Strengthen our communities

Homes have smaller footprints and fewer common areas to make meaningful bonds with neighbours.  The Golf Park Company sees golf recreation, close to home, as common ground for friends and neighbors to gather, play, and have fun.

We’d love to chat about your potential project needs, anytime!

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