Golf’s Many Municipal Benefits

In looking online at several goals of North American Parks and Recreation Departments, I have compiled a list of ways The Golf Park might help in achieving your municipalities own potential goals and objectives.

Sam Walker Park in North Vancouver (The Original Golf Park)
  • Improve and enhance natural resources, parkland, and recreational opportunities
  • Anticipate the needs of the changing community and structure programs and facilities accordingly
  • Enhance the city’s arts, cultural and historic assets
  • Serve an aging population with social, recreational, active, and healthy opportunities
  • Enrich the lives of residents
  • Build a healthier community
  • Provide efficient services to residents regardless of income, background, and ability
  • Leverage new partnerships that produce new parks and facilities that are forward thinking and world class
  • Enhance health and wellness of the patrons through innovative and diversified parks, art, recreation, leisure, and cultural opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for relaxation, learning and socializing to promote personal growth and well being
  • Plan and organize, and whenever possible, encourage family participation
  • Make the city a better place to live, work and play
  • Develop programs, tournaments and leagues for families, kids, ladies, men, seniors, and more
  • Teach, learn, and develop skills, abilities, and talents for residents of all ages
  • Meet recreational needs with maximum effectiveness and with minimum expense
  • Create positive childhood experiences
  • Bring children and families into our parks and give them great reasons to stay and play for a lifetime
  • Balance nature and man-made environments in town

If you can think of other benefits of The Golf Park that might help in achieving local municipality goals and objectives with regard to their use of parks and recreational space, please leave a comment or send me an email – i’de love to hear from you.

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