The Essentials to Playing Golf Anywhere!

My buddy Dennis, Professional Yard Golfer, playing through with laptop in tote #workfromhome

This post epitomizes The Golf Park.  Grab some wiffle or foam balls, a golf club (maybe a 9 iron) and a loose piece of turf and go have yourself a game.  Street hockey and pickup basketball have been popular for years, now its time for some drop in golf!  It’s my feeling that so long as you are respectful to the property you are playing on and leave it just as you found it that play should most definitely be allowed.

Here are some items that will help you play golf almost anywhere:

Foam balls fly farther so are good for yard to yard golfing while wiffle balls have very limited flight and are great for a game that must be kept within the boundaries of your own yard. The scrap turf is cheap (hopefully free from a turf company) but the Calloway mat is all business. It has a heavy duty rubber sole so that the turf doesn’t fly around and the lawn is protected. You can also drop it on the road or driveway without risk of damaging your golf club. This increases the usable space of your “golf course” quite considerably!

Well, what can I say – Have at’er bud!

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