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The Golf Park Blog puts a voice to new ideas that are designed to break down the games barriers while working to cement a new golf culture throughout our communities.

Golf is already Canada’s #1 participation sport – now lets work to give everyone new access points and reasons to try the game – especially kids!

Golf connects us to something greater than ourselves. It connects us to our neighbours, to the outdoors, and to a part of ourselves that we have yet to fully discover. To make the game accessible to the masses, both in its traditional form and in new and innovative new ways, would be a worthwhile endeavour.

Take a look at some of the content I have on offer, my hope is that it helps us see new possibilities for the game. There is a lot to discover, and if it brings the game to just one kid that wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to play then its all worth while because I know from experience, that one chance might just change their life forever.

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